Specially designed for your aquarium, fishpond or water feature

Safe for fish and all aquatic life

Splosht is a natural blend of good bacteria that is safe for your fish, plants and the environment.

There is no measuring with Splosht. Just drop in a water–dissolvable sachet and watch it disappear within minutes.

Safe for pets to drink

Splosht naturally cleans your outdoor fish pond and water feature.

In our testing, Splosht reduced E. coli levels to well below safe drinking standards for pets.

Specially designed for your water trough

Splosht saves you time and money

Cleaning a stock trough is hard and dirty work. Let Splosht naturally clean the trough for you. Simply drop a sachet in every fortnight.

Splosht naturally cleans sludge and organic waste at the base of the trough.

Cleaner and healthier water for livestock

Splosht also reduces nitrates and phosphates, which in turn reduces algae to provide fresher and cleaner water for your livestock.